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Options Diversionary Programs, LLC
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Options Diversionary Programs
Clients Accounts:
This page has been put in place to allow clients the ability to make payments online for their account as opposed to making a trip to our office. 
Monies paid Online are NON-REFUNDABLE! 
$25.00 Payment:                $25.00

$35.00 Payment:                $35.00

$50.00 Payment:                $50.00

$60.00 Payment                 $60.00

$100.00 Payment:              $100.00

$500.00 Payment:              $500.00

When Payment is made, please fill in "NOTE TO SELLER" Field with "Client Name" and "Program Attending" to ensure fees are properly credited to your account. 

*** If you are paying for someone elses program this information is mandatory! ***
Petty Larceny Class:        $250.00
This Payment is strictly for the Petty Larceny Class!
If you need to make a payment of a different amount, please call the office and make a payment over the phone!
Make a Payment:
In the "Message" please be specific as to whose account this is to be credited to and how you wish the payment to be utilized!