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Options Diversionary Programs, LLC
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Options Diversionary Programs, LLC
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Payment Page for Drug / Alcohol / DUI + 24/7 Monitor
Options utilizes EtG/EtS alcohol testing.  This test can detect up to 80 hours since consuming alcohol.  This test is perfect for "0" tolerance programming.
Options utilizes the Sweat Patch which can be worn for 24 hrs. a day for 7 days.  This is consistent drug "Monitoring" and not just drug testing.  For other circumstances, Options also offers Urine Analysis for drug of abuse.
***Upon payment confirmation, programming will be forwarded.  If payment for Online Programming is paid during non working hours, programming will be forwarded on the next business day.
DUI School - Lic.# DUI000040871
(Lower Price!)
Substance Abuse Correspondence:
Victim Impact 
$ 50.00
Per state law the Victim Impact Panel is strictly conducted on a classroom basis.  This is merely a payment button for class.  Please call and schedule for next class...
Urine Specimen Collection Site. Options can collect to DOT standards and also provides random collection services.
To address misleading and inaccurate studies that have been conducted involving the PhamChem Sweat Patch an independent review was conducted by Renowned Biomedical Consultant Dr. Leo Kadehjian.
UA Payment:
DUI Payments:
DUI 24/7 Monitoring:
DUI Monitoring
Weekly Fee:
Sweat Patch/Urine:
DUI Evaluation:
($100.00 State Mandated)
Payment Only!
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For the above payment, please list your case number, email address and your Attorney's information.